Six Things to Ask In Your Search For An Agency

August 28, 2018

When we’re pitching new business I always get the same question: What makes you different? It’s always a hard question to answer and in many ways a lot of the communications agencies out there are the same. Most agencies worth anything will be able to claim relationships and to be honest it will be hard to find a difference there. So, I can see how it could be difficult for potential clients to choose a partner for something so important to them – their business. Here’s a few things to think about when choosing your agency.


  • MANAGEMENT - Who’s going to manage your business: Make sure you have access to seasoned staff who will be available to give you strategic guidance and direction. You want the type of partnership where you can just call up the most senior person and talk through a problem.   

  • TEAM TO CLIENT RATIO - How many clients is your team working on: Agencies who aren’t charging enough to give the brand enough hours will typically have a high team to client ratio. Multiple clients per team member and not enough time per account. This is a huge red flag that your business won’t get enough attention or your programs will be cookie cutter.

  • TESTIMONIALS - Do they have outstanding client recommendations: Your potential agency should be able to provide a number of client testimonials. Nothing tells you more about an agency than what their current and former clients are saying.

  • SERVICE - What do they offer: So many times, clients try to compare agencies through cost. Make sure that when you’re comparing, the offering is the same. Different communications agencies include and offer different services. Are they offering just media outreach? Do they offer social media and digital capabilities? How about influencer marketing and experiential events? How about analytics? Decide what you want from your agency and what you may want in the future.

  • STRATEGY - Does their program deliver on objectives: So many times, agencies will come in with a super creative program but when you look at it closely it’s off brand and off strategy. It’s always fun to have a super creative program but sometimes the bread and butter tactics will give you the better ROI. You need to work with an agency that’s willing to say that and be able to evaluate what will work and what won’t for the best budget.

  •  CHEMISTRY - Do you have chemistry: Ultimately, it may just come down to the most important thing – chemistry. When working with an agency and a specific team day in and day out, you must trust and enjoy the people you’re working with.

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