Every Brand Should Have a Rebellious Spirit

January 5, 2018


As an entrepreneur and a marketer, I’m consistently looking at brands that are “doing it differently” or as we like to say, “being a bit of a rebel.” It’s that rebellious spirit that we like to bring to our programs for our clients to help them stand out against their competition. I recently attended a discussion with what I would consider three “Rebel” leads of brands who are making an impact in their respective industries: Glossier, a beauty brand, Walker & Co. with the Bevel and Form brands in personal care, Away, a luggage and lifestyle travel company, and Sweetgreen, a healthy food chain.


Here are my two biggest takeaways on how to be a Rebel brand:


Create a Community: Creating a community for your consumers to interact is key in today’s age of user-generated content. Brands need to allow their users to be co-storytellers. It’s up to your loyalists to help drive your story and, in turn, they will drive sales. How do you get your loyalists to drive your brand message? Most avid brand fans are not looking for money but something much more valuable – trust. Trust them to have an inside look into the brand. Trust them to interact with your CEO, product development team or spokesperson as if they were a part of your company. Give them samples, early access to new product and exposure on your social channels. If you can build that trust, you’ll have a brand advocate that will spread your brand promise.   


Listen & Lead: Listen to your customers on what they value and how they feel. It’s not about you as a brand feeding them information but hearing what they are saying, what they are looking for in a product and how you as a brand can create what they need and want. Even the most successful brands can learn to disrupt from “cult” brands. Some of the biggest brands today used a “rebel” mentality to grow and now dominate their industries including Nike, Apple, Red Bull and Beats. Looking for some other “rebel” brands to learn from? Try Casper, a growing mattress company, Box, an online “club” store taking on behemoths Costco and BJs, and Warby Parker, a glasses company who found a way to disrupt a tired industry.  


So, how will you be a rebel and make your brand stand out among the competition? Join our rebelution and let us share some ideas to take your brand to the next level.

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