Buzz Words That Are A Buzz Kill

December 21, 2017


Influencers. Disruptive. Content. Engagement. Experiential. Integrated (360). Big Data. Measurement. Analytics.


I never want to hear these words again. They've taken over our industry and not in a good way. I admit I've jumped right in to the 'buzz bandwagon' like everyone else. Sadly, I feel as PR and marketing professionals we've gotten so caught up in a marketing word game - entranced by 'marketing speak' (those annoying words that we are all so tired of that sound good and makes you look like you know what you're talking about and clients love to hear) - that we've lost sight of what we do and we've made it more confusing for clients.

Yes, our landscape has changed in the last 5, 10, 15 years. Yes, we are all more digital and more social. We need to engage with consumers and not speak at them. We all know this. Everyone knows you need to reach influencers and be disruptive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We all know we need to be a part of an integrated marketing mix. Almost all agencies now are integrated marketers. Most of all we all know we need to measure with analytics. There are a ton of tools that will show beautiful graphs and grids and talk about CPMs, reach and engagement.

What sets us apart as agencies and what sets our industry apart from advertising and media buying agencies is not the buzz words. We're all talking the same "buzz word" language. What sets us apart is our ability to impact people - women, men, kids - and communicate a brand message in the most relatable and authentic manner. How we communicate will consistently change - through influencers, experiential events, integrated marketing, media coverage - but we will always be communicators - messengers for the brands we represent. We communicate with various content methods such as videos, tweets, press releases, infographics. The key is knowing when to use the different methods and where to communicate with your target.

Sometimes, we'll be disruptive and sometimes we'll just do the basics, but either way we'll be helping to forge relationships between brand and consumer. No matter what vehicles we choose to disseminate the brand message, our goal (whether awareness, brand refresh, increase sales)  is to impact the brand's business in a positive way to align with brand objectives. If we can show the positive impact to the brand, we show our success.
I'm proud of the words 'Communications and Public Relations', although some may find that boring. 'Communications and Public Relations' is the career I've chosen, words I love and meanings that stand the test of time.

What buzz words do you never want to hear again?

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