A Rebellious Approach to Business

December 19, 2017


"As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person." -- Paul Shane Spear


In 2006, Blake Mycoskie launched a business and a movement. His company TOMS operated on a simple concept: For every pair of shoes the company sold, a pair of shoes would be donated to a child in need. The product catalog at TOMS has since expanded to include eyewear, handbags and other accessories; all of which tap into the same one-for-one model with which Mycoskie began.


A decade later, TOMS is a successful enterprise both in terms of its bottom line and its philanthropy. It’s also not alone in the buy-give marketspace. The idea of a business giving directly to an individual was somewhat revolutionary when TOMS began. Today, more businesses are following the buy one, give one model.


And yet, it’s not always about donating in-kind products or services, either.  At Rebel Cause Healthcare Communications all of our clients are in the business of developing medicines and therapies to treat various medical conditions and illnesses. With this as a framework, every dollar of fee Rebel Cause generates, a percentage is earmarked and bundled with a matching grant from our clients. Those funds are given directly to a person suffering with a specific health issue.  As an example, if our client is working in the field of oncology, we work together to identify a person who is battling cancer; and our combined donation will give a boost to that individual. At Rebel Cause, our sincere belief is that helping just one person at a time, can go a long way toward kick-starting a cycle of rehabilitation and renewal.


Social entrepreneurship is gaining steam. More companies are taking a hard look at their corporate purpose. They are seeking ways to impact the world around them, recognizing that being a good citizen ought to be as much a part of their business plan as turning a good profit. As the business model takes hold, it becomes more apparent that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Committing to social change activism can also be a catalyst for revenue generation. Multiple studies indicate that a large majority of consumers would switch brands of comparable products if one is associated with a worthwhile and meaningful cause. Similarly, studies show consumers are apt to recommend companies associated with a good cause.


We challenge you to look for the viral good you can affect today. Start small. Smile at the hurried stranger. Buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you. Or join our movement. Each small ripple advances the revolution. Be a Rebel. Change the world, one life at a time.


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