AmLactin had been in the marketplace 20+ years and with little PR activity awareness among key stakeholders had faded significantly.  Key beauty and health media were simply not including the brand in any of their skin care stories. 

Rebel Gail was tasked with re-introducing the brand to the media, key bloggers and influencers using a very simple yet efficient tactic 

Over the course of 4 months Rebel executed a creative delivery series to reinforce the get the family of AmLactin products in the hands of 100 media and influencers. 

Each delivery included bold and clever design and highlighted AmLactin’s key ingredient, high levels of lactic acid. No other product on the market includes these high levels of lactic acid which are critical to both exfoliating and hydrating dry skin.


In less than 4 months, AmLactin was back on the map. Media recognized the power of lactic acid found in AmLactin and began recommending it to their readers once again. Rebel Gail earned more than 50 placements on behalf of the brand, garnering 300+ million media impressions! Triple the impressions AmLactin had received in the first 8 months of 2018.